China's Premier Youth Hackathon 中国顶尖的青年创客马拉松

hack.init() is China's premier youth hackathon that promotes inclusivity and cultural diversity. As a rare hackathon open to high schoolers, we are bringing together 300 brightest minds across the country to Shanghai for a 24-hour, nonstop feast of creativity, collaboration, and rapid learning. Unlike traditional hackathons, hack.init() pays particular attention to local high school students, international high school students and university freshmen. We will be offering rich hardware and API resources, eight pre-event workshops, partial or full travel reimbursement, on-site interview and networking opportunities with leading tech companies.

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hack.init() 是一场300人的科技盛会,专为16-21岁的年轻人而启动,汇聚硬件工程师、程序员、设计师、软硬件爱好者、拥有创意的人、营销策划人,形成2-4人团队,在不间断24小时内把创意变成现实。超过12万人民币的奖项设置,赛前八场工作坊以及工程师们手把手的指导,充足的硬件和API资源,非上海选手部分至全额路费报销,各大科技公司的实习机会等。


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  • Age 16-21 年龄16岁至21岁
  • In teams maximum of four team members 在四人及以下的队伍中
  • All projects must be built at hack.init() by registered participants 所有项目必须由注册过的参赛者在hack.init()比赛中创造
  • Remote participation is not allowed 不允许远程参赛



All projects must be submitted to Devpost before submission deadline in order to be judged.

The project must be created during the hackathon and satisfy one or more of those following categories. 

  • Hardware 硬件开发
  • Phone App 移动平台开发
  • Internet of Things 物联网开发
  • Virtual/Augmented Reality 虚拟/增强现实
  • Web Development 网页开发
  • Artificial Intelligent 人工智能开发

How to enter

Anyone between 16 and 21 could apply to our hackathon.
Apply at The deadline for application is May 26th.
Travel reimbursements are available (only for travel in the P.R.C.)

报名申请链接: (申请截止日期5月26日)


Judging Criteria

  • Applicability | 适用性 (20%)
    Is the hack convenient to operate? Does the hack fulfill the demand of a specific group of people? 操作使用的过程是否简便 是否满足一定人群的实际需求
  • Creativity | 创意 (20%)
    Does the hack have a certain extent of originality? Is the hack innovative, or does it at least provide a new approach for existing problems? 是否具有一定的独创性 是否富有新意,或是为现有问题提出了新的解决方案
  • Technical Complexity | 技术 (25%)
    Does the hack have a certain extent of technical complexity? Does the team overcome some technical challenges? Is the logic of the program clear? Is the software architecture efficient? Can all parts of the program work together correctly?
  • Design | 设计 (25%)
    Is the user interface clean and attractive? Is the hack usable in its current state? Does the hack provide a seamless user experience? 界面是否美观 当前阶段是否可投入使用 用户体验是否良好(是否实现了一些关键的交互功等)
  • Demo | 展示 10%
    Does the team explain their targeting problem and their solution in a clear manner? 是否清晰明了地说明了该项目所针对的问题和解决方案